Past Events

Catch our Past Events.

Heart Health

Prevention, Management & Rehabilitation

HEART is not only responsible for pumping blood but also pumps emotions. So keeping it healthy should be our prime responsibility. Webinar is about heart diseases, their causes, risk factors and how can we prevent or manage them by some basic lifestyle changes in our early 30’s or 40’s. Catch this interesting interview of Dr Rajeev Gupta (Chairman Medical Sciences and Preventive Cardiology, EHCC) & Dr. Bimal Chhajer (Heart Care & Lifestyle Expert, Ex Assistant Prof AIMS, Founder SAAOL) who _has treated two Ex-Presidents of India._ Followed by a ZERO OIL cooking demo, perfect way of cooking for heart patients to enjoy all Indian delicacies.

Women's Wellness Webinar

For A Healthier Stronger You

“You keep the women healthy and strong and she will ensure that the whole family is healthy and strong..” then be it physical strength or mental strength or spiritual strength or financial strength. So, Pehla Sukh brings to a Women’s wellness webinar which is as much for men as for women with three ladies from the health care stream to educate you and your family about physical, mental, and lifestyle strength.

सुंदर मन, सशक्त तन

Civilians takeaway from a soldier’s lifestyle

Listen to experienced defence officers talking about their life-changing incidents, stories of war, and battle experiences. Join us for a webinar on “Sundar Tan, Shashakt Man - Civilian’s Takeaway from a soldier’s lifestyle” and Q&A with Mr. Aadi Gurudas, Life Coach as moderator with Retd. Wg Cdr VK Kala, Retd. Capt Homi Motivala, Retd. Gp Capt Ashwani Bhakoo, and Retd. Maj Gen CP SINGH as key speakers to understand more about the lifestyle of defence personnels.

Mental Wellness for Millennials

Do you or any of your close one is experiencing anxiety, trouble in sleeping, depression etc in this pandemic? Join us for a webinar on Mental Wellness for Millenials and Q&A with Mr Aadi Gurudas, Life Coach as moderator with Mrs Nivedita Singh, Psychologist and Prof. Raj Raghunathan, Happiness Specialist as key speakers to understand more about the subject, causes and preventions. 

How to find Health-Work-Life balance amid Pandemic?

Pehla Sukh – India Wellness Initiative‘s objective is to support the health and wellness of all living beings. Our primary focus is to bring the best of east and west lifestyle practices to impact millions of Indians in the next 5 years.