Pehla Sukh - India Wellness Movement

Supporting holistic health and wellness of all the living beings. The focus is to bring the best of east and west, lifestyle practices to impact 5 million Indians in the next 5 years. 

The practices and knowledge we share are evidence-based, research-driven and with the  personalities from Behavioral, Business, Spiritual, Lifestyle and Medical Industries. To make it relevant, we use digital media, Indianize vernacular content, experiences of wellness ambassadors and craft tailor cut programs for the specific groups and needs. 

This movement is powered by ICC- CWC, Silicon Valley and managed by Indifamily Foundation in India. We lay significant emphasis on leveraging technology and strategic partnerships with organizations that have the expertise and experience in the focused areas of operations.

WHY? : हम इसे क्यों करना चाहते हैं ?

  • 140 M Indians in India and Indian diaspora.
  • Global Ranking of India’s Wellness/Happiness Index is 140 out of 156 countries included in the survey.
  • We need to change it by bringing the best of East & West in the areas of health, wellness and happiness.
  • Primary focus is Indians, target age group 25-50 years, Working professionals and their families. 
  • Pehla Sukh stands for 5P Driven holistic health i.e. Personal – Professional – People (Social) – Passion – Purpose

HOW : हम इसे कैसे करना चाहते हैं ?

  • Evidence based knowledge, case studies and practices.
  • Lifestyle disease prevention with focus of Food & work life balance.
  • Use of technology and digital media for scaling up and continuous support.
  • AI-based Information about resources.
  • Partnership with other initiatives & organisations in India and the US.

WHAT : हम क्या करना चाहते हैं ?

  • Wellness InfoEd via Website, Social media, VC & Podcasts
  • Narratives in Indian Vernacular, with Specific target groups & topics
  • Bringing Indian Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, & health heros on board.
  • Providing Evidence based holistic health content.
  • Helpchat & Helpline with experts.